Our Services


90-Day Coaching Program: This program is for writers who desire to write a book, but are unsure of where to start. Maybe you have an idea, a thought, a message, or topic. The process may seem overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be! Our program includes the Unwritten Words writing workbook, writing schedule, one on one sessions, and alpha-reading for 90 days.

Ghost Writing: Our ghost writer service is designed for writers and authors who want to write and publish their book, but lack the time to sit and write. Your book doesn’t have to be delayed because of life events. Ask about how ghost writing can help you get your story or idea published in time for events or conferences.


Copy Editing: This editing service consists of reviewing and correcting written material. We check to improve accuracy and readability ensuring that your work is free from cosmetic grammatical errors, inconsistencies, and repetition. Proofreading is included in the price.

Content Editing: This type of editing is a deeper form which, in addition to grammatical and punctuation corrections, consists of an evaluation of formatting, style, and content of your document in order to enhance visual design and comprehension. Proofreading is included in the price.


Expand your target market by getting your written material translated into Spanish. Translating books and articles can be costly because most translators charge per word. However, our rate is hourly; making it affordable to reach a larger audience and increasing marketing opportunities. Perhaps you are attending a speaking engagement in the Spanish community, we can offer interpreting services for you at your event or conference.


Choice Package: Full service including content editing, proofreading, formatting, layout, ISBN, copyright application and paperback self-publishing.

Premium Package: All the services in the Choice package plus marketing graphics and book cover mockups.

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