THE BEST WRITER /Editor; such a great writer! She has a great attention to detail! I haven’t had the best of luck knowing how and what to do so when I started my book, she guided me through every step and used my exact words and feelings and created my story….I am SO PLEASED! And I would use Ready Writer Services again and again.

F. Stevenson

Giselle is the most professional and compassionate editor I have ever met! I am a new author and have been a client of hers twice for my two books. Her services are not only affordable, but they are quality and purpose driven! She is able to help bring your vision and thoughts to life and she arranges your words into a masterpiece right before your eyes! I never thought that I would be able to write a book let alone two! But with her help and editing, I was able to be ranked among best sellers!

J. Moore

You’ve been nothing short of amazing from day one. Thank you for your encouragement and your overwhelming, unexpected excitement for the journey of this project. Clearly, I wasn’t just another client for you. Thank you for being led by the Holy Spirit on how to assist me in bringing this necessary reading tool to life. Your sweet spirit and accountability made the process easier than I ever anticipated. Thank you

A. Young

Giselle Ogando is an amazing writing coach and editor. Her level of accountability to me during my writing process allowed me to write freely from the heart. She encouraged, cheered, corrected and mentored me until I was able to produce a manuscript I am proud of and worthy of publication. Giselle thank you for using your gifts and talents to propel others to write with abandon.

W. McCall-Hampton

Thank you Giselle for doing an Amazing job as my editor. You were diligent, accessible and Kind. I will most certainly recommend your services 

V. Lemons

I was referred to Giselle by my cousin. When I decided to write my book, I had no idea where to begin. I first talked with Giselle on the phone. From the moment I spoke to her I knew I was going to be alright. Giselle has been professional and encouraging through out my whole process. Without her encouragement, I don’t think I would have pushed through. I highly recommend Giselle for all your writing needs.

C. Santiago
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