Our Story

Ready Writer Services LLC was birthed from a simple favor to a friend and a single act of obedience. I’m Giselle Ogando, and I am the owner of RWS LLC. In June of 2018, I started with my blog for women and a desire to empower and encourage them in their faith. I had also published my first journal, Armed and Purposed: 5 Principle Truths to Discover Your Purpose. This book encouraged my amazing friend to press forward with her book, and I offered to edit it. Her book opened many doors for her – speaking engagements, radio show interviews, and other business opportunities.

My friend’s obedience inspired another mutual friend to share her testimony of faith via a book. God had placed it on her heart years ago, but she didn’t know how to start. So, I worked with her on her manuscript about pregnancy struggles and infant loss. This book has become a movement, and God is doing amazing things for, in and through her. She sold hundreds of books nationally within a month of being published and has even expanded outside of the United States.

RWS LLC came from a desire to help others tell their story. It’s based on Psalm 45:1 and we believe that our tongues are pens meant to speak life through words for the glory of the King. We believe our stories are meant to be shared to encourage others, but the writing process can seem overwhelming. And, that is why we are here to help from writing and editing to marketing and expanding your market – we will walk alongside you. You know what you want to say, let us help you say it in excellence.

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